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Full process control to single control panels

Our switchboard manufacturing and assembly skills are well suited to delivery of total process control systems or single control panels. With PLC and computer controls now the industry standard, Nilsen, as part of its end-to-end service, also delivers a wide range of control panels for control of many processes. Projects have included waste water treatment, water purification, manufacturing processes, chemical procedures and many similar applications.

For all applications

Nilsen control and instrumentation services span a wide range of projects and applications from Egg Shaped Digesters through large Paper Mills to remote mine site applications. Nilsen understands the process and control field thoroughly, undertaking design, installation and commissioning work for a large range of plant, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems where remote control, monitoring or supervision is required. Systems can be intrinsically safe and include pneumatic control, analytical monitoring and hierarchical control. Software design and implementation can all be provided as part of the service.

The best solution for your application

We undertake work both as the prime contractor or work for equipment suppliers, project managers or consultants to provide the best possible solution for any given application.

Nilsen's wide range of skills, provides your complete control and instrumentation needs.
No enquiry is too big, no enquiry is too small.

Case Study

Eastern Tertiary Alliance - Installation of LV Communication, Instrumentation & LV Cabling
Eastern Tertiary Alliance - Installation of LV Communication, Instrumentation & LV Cabling

Nilsen were the main electrical contractor for the South Package at Eastern Tertiarym Alliance for General Light, Power, communications, Mechanical Services, UV Reactor wiring, instrumentation wiring, stainless steel and nylon Instrumentation tubing.

Nilsen Scope of Works
Installation of Light and Power, Mains, Cable tray, Instrumentation, Control, Communications, PLC Cabinets and switchboards to the following areas:

  • 32 off BMF (Bio Media Filter) Tanks
  • BMF Switchroom and PLC room
  • Back wash tank area
  • Chemical storage area
  • Lamella area
  • Back Wash Pump area
  • Reactor building and associated area’s
  • Chlorine Area
  • UV Switchroom and PLC room
  • Polymer building
  • Fibre Optic cables and cabinets
  • UPS power systems

Specific Project Obstacles to be overcome

Nilsen assisted Eastern Tertiary Alliance to help finalise the design of the installation of the electrical equipment in the South Package project.

Nilsen Switchboards also played a major part in upgrading imported UV Reactor boards to current Australian standards in a very short time frame.

Added value accrued to customer because of Nilsen involvement

Nilsen played a major role in the design process to alleviate all obstacles due to contract being awarded at 50% design phase only.

Nilsen having multiple divisions (Switchboards, Comms, High Voltage, Engineering services, Tegg and Contracting) allows the customer to have all these services available when required.

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