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Metal Fabrication

Specialists in specialist metal work

To support its switchboard manufacturing activity, Nilsen has a high level of expertise in metal fabrication. We have invested in state-of-the-art machinery from Euromac and Amada and have the capability to design and manufacture custom boards including fully folded and welded units.

In addition to switchboard fabrication, other projects have included:

  • Railway locomotive cabins
  • Light rail electrical enclosures
  • Components for the low floor 'Razorback' trucks

Case Study

RG Tanna - Process Control Upgrades
RG Tanna Process Control Upgrades

NILSEN have been successful since 2008 in securing replacement Motor Control Centres, PLC Cubicles, Local Control Stations and Distribution Boards to GPC for their Process Control Upgrade projects at the Port of Gladstone which is located 525km north of Brisbane.

RG Tanna Process Control Upgrades

Conveyors upgrades successfully supplied by NILSEN have been for Conveyors CC1B, CC1D, CC1F, CC2_2A, CC3_3A, CC4, CC4A_4B_4C, CC5_5A, CC10, CC12, CC15, CC16, CC21, CC22, CC23 & CC25.

Generally each of the conveyor upgrades consists of a 4 or 5 Tier MCC, 3 or 4 Tier PLC, 2 Tier 415V AC Distribution Board, Transfer House LCS, Tunnel Mouth LCS, 2 or 3 Conveyor SPD LCS/Fibre cabinets, 2 or 3 SPD MCC cabinets and 2 or 3 SPD Control cabinets. All enclosures are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel with a minimum IP66 rating. The MCC bus bars are rated for a service temperature of 50 on 40 Degree C Temperature Rise and to withstand a 50kA/1sec short circuit.

Throughout the years NILSEN have standardized the designs for GPC by including demountable modular internals, to the fully welded MCC enclosures, which gives full flexibility for the various ranges of DOL starters ranging from 0.37kW up to 90kW.

RG Tanna Process Control Upgrades

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