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Our N Series system is one of the most innovative designs available today. It has been purposely designed to meet the requirements of many applications so that one single switchboard system meets all your needs for power switchboards, motor control centres, distribution boards and control panels.

N Series offers high density, as well as normal arrangements, in a single 'mix and match' design, where you can now accommodate up to 30 drives in a space where most of our competitors can only fit eight or nine!

The N Series busbar system is also unique in its ease to change, should arrangement be changed at site later. Our twin busbar system optimises current ratings and it can be installed at any height within the arrangement.

Features of the N Series MCC's are:

  • Protection rated up to IP 54
  • Up to 10 standard modules per tier
  • Up to 20 narrow modules per tier
  • Up to 30 mini modules per tier
  • Front connect design
  • Back connect design
  • Back to back design
  • Fully flexible dimensions in all directions
  • Solid base for easy manoeuvrability
  • Main busbars positioning can be flexible; top, bottom or centre of the MCC anywhere
  • Dropper busbars can be top, bottom or centre fed
  • Busbar systems to 100kA
  • Optimised ventilation
  • Doors attached to starters
  • Generous module size
  • Fully flexible cable zone sizes
  • Easily field changed arrangements
  • IP20 safety with module removed
  • Modules plug or fixed connected
  • Can provide for thermographic testing of busbar joints
  • Can provide for Type 2 co-ordination

Nilsen custom build MCC's can be designed to meet your exact needs, including provision for arc fault containment.

Major customers for Nilsen MCC's include:

  • Alcoa
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Rio Tinto
  • BHP
  • One Steel
  • Santos
  • Mobil
  • Shell
  • BMA
  • Gladstone Ports Corporation

Case Study

Australian Paper Mills - Supply of Switchboards & Motor Control Centres (MCC’s)
Australian Paper Mills

The project is primarily switchboards and MCC’s for the various processes at a Paper Manufacturing Plant – Woodchip Plant, Wet Lap Plant, Bleach Plant, Paper Processing Plant.

Nilsen’s Scope of Works included:

  • Design of LV Switchboards and Motor Control Centres
  • Instrumentation control review and validation
  • Design control of the changes
  • Building the LV switchboards
  • Commissioning

View the project fact sheet.
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