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Arc Fault Containment

Nilsen, leaders in arc fault containment

At last count, Nilsen held more than 60 test certificates and reports, with high end test values of 220kA (100kA symmetrical) for short circuit withstand, 5,500Amps current carrying capacity and 12,000 Volts operational voltage. We also have high voltage switchboards tested to 31.5kA.

Nilsen is one of the leaders in internal arcing fault containment designs, with tests to prove the highest levels of operator safety, the best limitation of damage and no spread of fault. Nilsen switchboards are designed to be placed back into service with minimum down time.

Further, only Nilsen took Quality Assurance seriously enough to be the first switchboard builder to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation by SAQAS.

Performance guaranteed by testing
Performance guaranteed by testing Performance guaranteed by testing

Nilsen, combining the longest history in Quality Assurance and the widest range of Type Testing Experience to guarantee you reliability and performance in your switchboards.

Case Study

Mercy Hospital Main Switchboard Repair and Rebuild
Mercy Hospital Main Switchboard Repair and Rebuild Mercy Hospital Main Switchboard Repair and Rebuild

This was not a planned project. There was no tender. The job arose out of a crisis that saw the Mercy Hospital’s electrical switchboard blow up during a regular maintenance procedure. As such, Nilsen did not fully know the scope of work beforehand but rather, learnt of it as we took on the job. Every day, additional works were added to the schedule as we unveiled more problems and repairs needed to fix them.

The extent of Nilsen’s work on this project included: design, construct, supply, install, test, commission, maintain and warrant the following:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Compressor Room
  • Domestic Cold Water and Flush
  • Chillers inc Pumps x2
  • Boilers (Steam & Water) inc Pumps
  • Fire / EWIS Panel
  • BAS Front End
  • Plant Generally
  • Sterilisers
  • Mixing Valves & Shower Heads
  • Switchboards
  • Lifts Operational Check

Instead of replacing the existing BAS system (which controlled the compression for gas) with another BAS system, we decided to install a Program Logic Controller (PLC). This saved running additional electrical cabling and allowed Nilsen to get the power on quicker.

Instead of building a new switchboard from the start, we thought laterally and considered what projects we were currently implementing that might be of use. As we were building a switchboard for the Alfred Hospital, we approached them and received permission from the Alfred Hospital to use a switchboard we had partly constructed for them and re-worked it to suit Mercy’s requirements, saving 7 weeks.

Winner – 2005 NECA Awards of Excellence

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