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Data Centres

Nilsen Contracting has a deep understanding of data centre requirements. Areas of expertise include:

  • Installation of climate control taking onto account cold and hot isle designs, installation of computer room air conditioning (CRAC).
  • Under-floor data and power cabling
  • Power distribution layout
  • UPS systems with battery and flywheel backup
  • Stand-by generators
  • Power quality control.

Nilsen Contracting has completed major installations for banks, financial and insurance institutions, telecommunication companies, medical data banks and has the technological expertise to work synergistically with IT specialists.

Case Study

Construction of Next DC data centre
Construction of Next DC data centre

Next DC M1 is a flagship data centre facility, located in Port Melbourne approximately 5km from the CBD, which is a two story 17,500m2 building, boasting 6000m2 of technical space. This centre has the capacity of 22.5MVA power availability with an IT load of 12MW. Currently 6 of 13 Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS) units are running on an Iso Parallel bus for 100% no break IT and mechanical load. The centre is supplied by diverse A + B + C power supply distributed at 11kV.

Nilsen Scope of Works but not limited to:

  • Supply and Installation of 6 main switchboards
  • Supply and Installation of over 200 general light and power DBs, CRAC DB, Data hall DBs, and PDU’s
  • Supply and Installation of 6 HV transformers
  • Supply and Installation of 3 HV Main switchboards
  • SCADA system
  • DRUPS control wiring
  • DRUPS mains wiring
  • General light and Power
  • Fit out of 3 data halls including all under floor outlets and below and above floor power and data basket
  • Fit out of office amenities building
  • Communication cabling including all back bone copper and fibre systems along with cat 6 cabling
  • Lighting control and earthing

Specific Project Obstacles to be overcome

Due to the compressed short time frame Nilsen had up to 70 trades men/apprentices on site at any one time, to insure an on time delivery of the Project

Added value accrued to customer because of Nilsen involvement

Nilsen played a major role in the design process assisting Next DC, FDC and ARUPs where possible, adding our knowledge and experience when and where needed. Nilsen also assisted several other trads with their electrical needs in areas such as, diesel control wiring, MATV and AV wiring, security network cabling, Interconnecting wiring between CRAC units and modification works to DRUPS mains cabinets to make compliant to AUS standards.

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