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Lighting Control


SAHMRI DALIcontrol lighting system – View case study.

Never before has it been so important for commercial buildings to be energy efficient.

DALIcontrol is a complete building-wide digital lighting control system built on the DALI standard. DALIcontrol lighting systems are scalable, from single room control to complete buildings and provide a uniquely flexible approach to floor plan control. Easy to install, configure and integrate, coupled with the savings and energy-efficiency benefits that DALIcontrol delivers, it’s a smart choice for commercial lighting control.

No building can be too green and as we enter a new era of energy efficient building ratings and government legislation. Specifiers, consultant occupants, tenants, and facility managers can all benefit from the many advantages of a DALIcontrol lighting control system in the commercial office space.

Nilsen specialises in DALIcontrol lighting control systems and its integration with building management systems. DALIcontrol lighting gives commercial clients the opportunity to integrate their lighting control with emergency and exit lighting, as well as security and HVAC systems on one network. In short, commercial clients will have the ability to simply and effectively monitor the building’s services status at all times.

Nilsen also has the ability to design software for DALIcontrol protocols, and provide seamlessly engineered services including documentation, commissioning, installation and testing.

Schneider Electric
Integration partner

Nilsen Networks is accredited by Schneider Electric

Nilsen Networks is accredited by Schneider Electric with the EcoXpert marque of excellence.

Only solution providers such as Nilsen Networks are true specialists within the field of lighting and room control, and possess the in-house skills and project management capability to qualify as Platinum EcoXpert for Light & Room Control, as recognised by Clipsal & Schneider Electric.

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Benefits of DALIcontrol:

Facilitate the easy integration of equipment from different vendors

  • Building lighting and emergency lighting that can operate on one system
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Offer finer granuality of control for a given price

For lighting designers and consultants

  • Distributed intelligence for flexible and reliable control
  • Control of individual lights, groups and DALIcontrol lines
  • Easy configuration and reconfiguration for changing circumstances
  • Simple interface with building management systems
  • Logarithmic dimming behaviour matching the human eye
  • Increased energy savings

For facilities managers and maintenance contractors

  • Status reporting of lamps and ballasts
  • Simple modification - no need to rewire for changing tenancies
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased energy savings due to dimming and control capabilities

For building occupants and tenants

  • Customised lighting preferences
  • More comfortable lighting
  • Individual control
  • Easy modification

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Case Study

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
Design and Commission the DALIcontrol lighting control system
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Design and Commission the DALIcontrol lighting control system

Nilsen were engaged to design, supply and commission the DALIcontrol lighting system for the SAHMRI facility on North Terrace.

SAHMRI was incorporated as the state’s first independent flagship health and medical research institute.

  • Building a team of more than 600 outstanding researchers, who will work together in the search for better treatments and cures for some of the world’s most challengin diseases
  • Creating a world-class precinct of medical research and clinical application, with state of the art labratories and equipment in a purpose-built, iconic, 25,000 square-metre facility, adjacent to the site of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (new RAH)
  • Actively fostering and nurturing a new generation of the top research minds, and undertaking extensive and interactive community engagement and education programs.

Nilsen is proud to have been a part of this new and exciting project commissioned by the South Australian government. Our scope of works included:

  • Energy efficient lighting design and control
  • Flexibility in control via user input and overall building control
  • Monitoring and reporting of all light fittings for maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance.

Nilsen's technical expertise and ability enabled this project to be a smooth and transparent project.

View the project fact sheet.
Download the project fact sheet.

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