Electro-technology company operating throughout Australia to deliver installation, maintenance and manufacturing services from inception to replacement.

Commitment to Safety

Nilsen Senior Management and the Board of Directors have a very active role in all health and safety matters and culture at Nilsen. Our safety commitment is top down and bottom up approach with all employees being responsible and accountable for their health and wellbeing and those they deal with. This is achieved by teamwork and having a practical, advanced companywide safety system accredited to ISO 45001.


Communication is an integral part of this culture where senior management have initiated a companywide program called “Speak out for Safety” where employees are shown and urged to speak out about any safety matter, issue and improvement.

The key message of this program is:

“If you don’t feel that your feedback is being acted upon or taken seriously, commit to providing feedback again and if nothing happens: ESCALATE THE FEEDBACK.”

This type of communication is extended to our clients to ensure Nilsen is aware of each site/client’s safety system, requirements and culture for the type of work we engage in. Nilsen will create a culture onsite where safety is badgeless and if required we will provide the safety leadership to ensure the above culture is a reality.

This culture has created strong companywide policies for example: No live electrical work in our business, which prevents any electrician performing live electrical work. These strong policies ensure actions speak louder than words.

A key priority moving forward is the continuous improvement of our health and safety systems, culture and well-being of our people, our clients and general public through our corrective action processes such as audits, task observations, daily inspections and personal safety KPI’s for all Nilsen employees, the results of which are reviewed at Board level.

Nilsen will continue to innovate and commit to best practice in area of health and safety in the electrical industry.

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