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Power Switchboards

Nilsen switchboards are extensively type-tested to relevant Australian and international standards including arc fault containment up to 100 kA and temperature rise testing up to 5000 Amp. The Nilsen designs recognise priorities such as safety in accessing components, segregation and service considerations.

The range of Nilsen-registered, type-tested designs provides the assurance of cost-efficient design to fit applications while meeting the stringent requirements of in-house quality control and relevant standards.

Case Study

Fire Damaged MSB Rebuild
Fire Damaged MSB Rebuild Fire Damaged MSB Rebuild Fire Damaged MSB Rebuild

A simple call out to a long term customer soon turned into something much more complex, when the technician attending site found that the main switchboard at the Philip Morris had blown up, the main switch room was on fire. Our experience on similar projects held us in good stead as we moved quickly into action.

The first priority was to ensure that the client was up and running again ASAP. This was achieved in less than 30 hrs using temporary generators. 2 days quicker than the client had planned.

The next and most important part of the project was to design a new board, procure the required materials and start manufacture. A team of people from Engineering services, Switchboards and Contracting combined to work on this with the end result being the delivery of a new MSB in 3 weeks. The site works required were vast, with up to 10 people working to have the switch room ready for the delivery of the board.

The project included the following scope:

  • Temporary power installation
  • Removal of fire damaged switchboard
  • Cleaning of switch room using “Dry Ice”
  • Investigation of the cause of the fire
  • Manufacture of new MSB
  • Re-build of cable trays in switch room
  • Join / re-run sub-mains cabling
  • Liaise with Supply Authority for reconnection of supply

This was all achieved in a total project time of 3 weeks, a great result for the client and all whilst maintaining a safe working environment.

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