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Nilsen switchboards for small, heavy and commercial purposes including office buildings, data centres, shopping centres, hospitals, malls, etc are designed to take account of conditions such as high levels of current distortion and poor power factor because of the large aggregate loads of IT equipment and solid-state lighting ballasts. Temperature rise because of high harmonic content is taken account of by special focus on heat dissipation at busbar joints. Nilsen carries out a series of tests on its switchboards using four-terminal low ohm measurements to assure reliable long-term operation of the busbar joints.

Case Study

Munno Para Shopping City Main Switchboard Replacement Munno Para Shopping City Main Switchboard Replacement
Munno Para Shopping City - Main Switchboard Replacement (MSB4)

Nilsen conducted TEGG at the Munno Para Shopping City which resulted in faults being discovered on their main switchboard (MSB4). The switchboard was overheating due to breakers being underrated, the switchboard being undersized not allowing adequate ventilation and not adequately sealed allowing water and vermin ingress.

Nilsen Engineering Services (ESSA) provided a submission to design and build a purpose built switchboard to replace the existing, which would minimize the risk of power failure at the site.

Scope of Work
Nilsen Switchboards designed and built a 1300 Amp switchboard to supply four of the larger retailers and 50% of the remaining tenants in the shopping city. Nilsen ESSA were provided a window of 14 hours to isolate, remove, replace and commission the switchboard. This work was conducted using 6 x ESSA technicians over two shifts on a Saturday night.

The work was conducted without any issues and the power being reinstated to the shopping city on the Sunday morning as planned. The client was extremely happy with the minimal interruption to their business and the knowledge that they now had a new purpose built switchboard.

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