Electro-technology company operating throughout Australia to deliver installation, maintenance and manufacturing services from inception to replacement.


Nilsen has been developing imaginative solutions in power distribution and motor control. We have built a reputation for excellence in design, workmanship and performance which serves as a benchmark for industry. As industry leader, Nilsen has been developing leading edge designs since the inception of the switchboard industry, the latest result of which in recent years is the completely new switchboard design, the N Series. With over 85 years experience, we specialise in reliable, high performance switchboards. Only Nilsen switchboards have been recognised by the National Electrical and Communication Association for excellence recognised both at state and national level and have completed high profile projects such Australian’s Collin Class Submarines (Main Propulsion Switchboards) and the Australia Parliament House Canberra (Main Switchboards). Arc Fault Containment

A complete range

Nilsen is one of few companies capable of supplying a wide range of modular and custom built Low Voltage switchboards including Motor Control Centres, Power Switchboards and High Voltage Switchboards as well as Distribution Switchboards and Control Panels for industrial, commercial and Defence applications.

Our emphasis, lowest 'whole of life' cost
Recognising that you, the end user, must maintain your equipment for its entire life, which can be in excess of 30 years, Nilsen places utmost emphasis on lowest whole of life cost, not lowest up front cost.

Performance guaranteed by testing

To many, the standards which set out the minimum performance required of switchgear are interpreted as their maximum requirement. To Nilsen, the standards are the minimum benchmark to build on for true reliability and performance. Nilsen strives to meet the underlying intent, not just the basic requirement, aware that its customers seek more than just a minimum cost solution. Nilsen is one of the most extensively type tested switchboard manufacturers in Australia, with tests conducted on a very wide variety of designs covering the widest possible spread of switchboard arrangements. Nilsen hold more than 60 3rd Party Accredited Type Test Certificates and Reports and can provide protection ratings of up to IP54 in the Proprietary Nilsen N-Series design and up to IP66 in custom design.

We were the first switchboard builders in Australia to have our Quality System fully third party accredited by STANDARDS AUSTRALIA to AS/NZS ISO 9001. Nilsen is also 3rd Party Accredited for Safety Management Systems - AS/NZS 4801:2001

TQCSI Certifified TQCSI Certifified
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