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Nilsen’s century of electrical engineering and contracting experience is the foundation of an imaginative, problem solving approach, benefitting ‘outside the square’ planning and implementation when challenging projects arise, Not only is Nilsen guided by a rich history of construction and planning experience, but also by its philosophy of understanding the essential requirements of clients beyond the immediate specifications. This provides the essential ingredients for client satisfaction.

Case Study

Arnhemica House
Arnhemica House

This project involved upgrading of communication equipment at Arnhemica House to Category 7 so as to provide a more efficient service to the occupants by performing up to 10 GB/s, providing a much higher bandwidth.

Nilsen Scope of Works

  • Supply, install, terminate, connect, test and commission certified Category 7 Class F (1200MHz copper cabling
  • Supply, install, terminate, connect, test and commission communication racks and patch panels
  • Supply and installation of all required communications cabling accessories including leads, outlets and cable trays

Project Challenges:
Taking into account the various restrictions placed on the Contractor, Nilsen successfully installed the communications system with state of the art communications infrastructure, in line with the brief.

Nilsen Innovations:
It is a shielded design with 1-, 2-, and 4- pair outlet and plug modularity, supporting the use of multiple applications over a single cable, incorporating telephone, internet and networking connections. The higher bandwidth enables superior internet and networking capabilities, also providing access to run the Governments high security applications efficiently. Works were completed within budget and the expected time frame.

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