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Adelaide Oval C-Bus lighting control system – View case study.

Nowadays people are mindful of the monetary and environmental cost of wasted energy. Consequently, energy efficiency has become increasingly important when designing the lighting. Find out below how C-Bus can help save energy in your sector.

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Schneider Electric EcoXpert partner

Nilsen Networks is accredited by Schneider Electric with the EcoXpert marque of excellence.

Only solution providers such as Nilsen Networks are true specialists within the field of lighting and room control, and possess the in-house skills and project management capability to qualify as Platinum EcoXpert for Light & Room Control, as recognised by Clipsal & Schneider Electric.

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Commercial Buildings & Industrial Warehousing

Why waste your profit margins with huge energy bills? C-Bus is often used to save money that’s normally wasted through energy inefficiency. To maximise energy efficiency within a commercial environment, C-Bus uses technology such as temperature controls, occupancy detectors, varying light levels, and ambient light sensors.

Education & Health

The need for lighting in educational or medical institutions can be minimised by providing it only when people are around, thanks to light sensors and occupancy sensors. C-Bus allows greater lighting control than conventional wiring systems, so that the lights in large classrooms, clinics, and meeting rooms can easily be dimmed at the touch of one present button. Corridors can also be programmed to automatically reduce their lighting level at night as part of a simple, cost-effective energy efficient strategy.

Hospitality & Entertainment

Restaurants and entertainment centres often have a multitude of unsightly switches and light dimmers. C-Bus Colour Touchscreens are a simple and elegant way of replacing them all with one compact central management system.

With the C-Bus Colour Touchscreen, all of your lighting sequences can be pre-programmed in advance that there’s no need to fiddle and adjust the controls to created the desired ambience. Even the air-conditioning and security can be incorporated into this easy-to-use device.

Hotels & Accommodation

Hotels and function rooms require a considerable range of lighting, depending on the event being held. In function rooms, for example, the lights will need to be dimmed for intimate parties and much brighter for business functions. C-Bus can meet these various lighting needs by offering exact pre-set levels to match the mood you want to create.


From restaurants and cafés, to play centres and retail shops, modern shopping centres need to be equipped with all different types of lighting. C-Bus provides flexible lighting that will meet the demands of individual shops within a shopping centre, as well as the other additional facilities.

Not only is C-Bus lighting design flexible, it’s also great for energy efficiency. Occupancy sensors can be set up for areas where less light in needed (such as bathrooms) to minimise energy consumption when customers are not around.

In addition, C-Bus allows staff to be able to monitor their shop security, air conditioning, and identify any faulty lighting circuits via their computers.

Sport Facilities

Few places need energy efficient lighting more than sports facilities, which is why a simple management system like C-Bus is perfect. C-Bus gives easy control of the full spectrum of stadium lighting, including offices, common areas, toilets, stairways, and arena floodlighting.

Inside the stadium, the entire lighting circuitry can be simply monitored, and it’s easy to troubleshoot any issues both quickly and efficiently. In terms of energy efficiency, the occupancy sensors can light up areas such as corridors and lobbies only as needed. Just like timers, C-Bus switches can be pre-programmed to turn off after a set period of time. Similarly, sunset switches can come on automatically when it gets dark in order to control the perimeter and provide security lighting.

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Case Study

Adelaide Oval redevelopment
Adelaide Oval redevelopment

Nilsen were engaged to design, supply and commission the C-Bus control system for the overall lighting to the Adelaide Oval redevelopment.

The Adelaide Oval has enjoyed a proud history as one of Australia’s premier sporting and entertaining grounds for more than 140 years.

The redevelopment of the oval is to sit in the revitalised riverbank and parklands precinct. It will be home to the cricket, football (AFL) and providing an exceptional venue to host other major sporting events. The new redevelopment will house a seating capacity of 50,000.

The oval will offer more than 2,000 dining spaces as well as Corporate Suites, the Stadium Club, open boxes and BBQ terraces.

Nilsen was employed to design, supply and commission the works required for a stadium of this standard. The stadium lighting was to be as energy efficient as well as user friendly as possible. The main emphasis on complete ground functionality from the main control room, which has been achieved through Nilsen’s technical expertise with lighting control systems.

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