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Lighting Control

SAHMRI DALIcontrol lighting system – View case study.

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Did you know that lighting is responsible for about 35% of the electricity usage in a typical building? Much of it is wasted due to poor lighting design, inefficient lighting equipment, and poor controls.

Recognising this, many improvements have been made over the past decade to better control lighting. Residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities all use electricity more efficiently now, with versatile and automated controls.

Nilsen lighting control solutions are flexible and designed to reduce the amount of energy used for lighting, while ensuring ergonomic comfort. From small devices like timers and occupancy sensors, to sophisticated customised solutions based on C-Bus, DALIcontrol, Dynalite and KNX standards, Nilsen has a solution to meet your building’s needs and budget.

As a specialist system integrator and partner for the global brands of Schneider Electric and Philips, Nilsen deploys a range of intelligent Lighting Control systems using one or more of our C-Bus, DALIcontrol, Dynalite and KNX technologies.

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