Electro-technology company operating throughout Australia to deliver installation, maintenance and manufacturing services from inception to replacement.


We shrink your world.

Improving communications. An important investment decision for your business. So important, in fact, that nothing should be left to chance. Nilsen oversees all aspects of your investment from cabling through engineering to training and after sales support. We specialise in "Total Communications Solutions".

Communications Technology, once limited to large corporations, is now an integral part of all businesses and education facilities regardless of size. Nilsen assist your business to ensure your market competitiveness through the latest technology.

Specialist install and TSI skills
Specialist install and TSI skills

Commerce, industry, health and education have an increasing need for faster systems. Many companies see the provision of these services as a specialised field and make it their single focus. Nilsen, on the other hand, sees this technology as merging with power distribution, because it results in lower cost service delivery for both power and communications systems. Nilsen has much experience in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs), and has a mobile workforce able to undertake the installation of these systems in remote as well as CBD and urban locations. We specialise in network designs for business and use all the latest technology, today including Cat 7 systems and, as development progresses, all future leading technologies.

Nilsen has the experience, skills, products, resources and financial capacity to provide
the most appropriate solution.

Services are end-to-end and include:

We work with you to develop the best system now and into the future.

Our designs will optimise your network capability and access speed.

Project management
From conception to delivery, that's our end-to-end solution.

Network Engineering
How to drive your network and equipment to its best performance.

Structured Cabling Systems
Organising your data system for maximum ease of extension.

One of the most demanding IT areas and our training ground.

Whole of life support
Our ongoing service ensures your system keeps up with technology improvements.

Want to know more? Ask one of our engineers for a Fact Sheet.
Our relationships with hardware and software suppliers means we provide the most appropriate equipment for the project. Nilsen supplies, advises and integrates a wide range of technologies and services to provide the best solutions for your project.

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