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Gerard Lighting

Gerard Lighting RAPIX Integrator

Nilsen Networks have partnered with Gerard Industries to provide National RAPIX Xi Systems Integration utilising the complete software suite for DALI lighting Control and DALI Emergency.

RAPIX Addressing is a simple, fast and mobile solution for DALI Short Addressing. It is a software tool primarily developed for Electrical Contractors to offer time saving and ease of use in all projects where DALI Short Addressing is required – from smaller residential fit-outs to the largest commercial installations.

RAPIX Emergency provides a DALI based, fully automated, emergency lighting monitoring and report software system, compliant with emergency and evacuation lighting standards. RAPIX Emergency software offers installers the most efficient method available for configuring an emergency lighting monitoring system. Using patented software, a complete system can be configured from a single mouse click.

RAPIX Integrator is the complete commissioning software solution for the System Integrator. As well as configuring DALI Short Addresses, RAPIX Integrator provides programming of DALI devices. Both standard DALI variables and DALI Xi Extended Intelligence variables can be programmed via RAPIX Integrator. Using a unique and intuitive user interface, RAPIX Integrator also allows the Systems Integrator to save configuration databases, provide remote (off-site) access, hierarchical project views, batch programming, logging, diagnostics and many other features.

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