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Engineering Services

Arc Fault Containment Assessments

Nilsen Engineering Services through its close association with Nilsen’s switchboard building experience can inspect important electrical protective equipment to ensure its effective operation in the event of having to interrupt high prospective short circuit current. Nilsen Engineering Services can recommend and implement design changes in cubicles and segregation to prevent personal injury as well as catastrophic equipment damage.

Areas of arc fault containment addressed include:

Inspection of switchboards and subsequent advice including redesign and positioning of switchgear into areas:

  • Form 1 – No segregation
  • Form 2 – Main busbars segregated from functional units
  • Form 3A/B – The main busbars are segregated; the functional units
  • Form 4 – As above, but in addition, each functional unit has its own cabling compartment

Conforming to the current edition of Australian Standard AS/NZS3493 to the forms of segregation as called out by the Standard.

Case Study

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Construction of Adelaide’s new Health and Medical Research Facility – SAHMRI is now complete. Situated on Adelaide’s North Terrace Health Precinct, the Research Facility will complement the new Royal Adelaide Hospital currently under construction. The SAHMRI building houses state of the art laboratories while facilitating the needs of researchers, housing lab supports, wet and dry labs and write up areas to document findings. The building is designed to provide an open feel within the building that enables researchers to migrate from one area to another in the attempt to bring everyone together to discuss and share their findings.

The 9 storey world class facility is a modern and iconic Adelaide building, housing up to 675 researchers, PC2 Dust and Germ Free laboratories and Cyclotron Particle Accelerator that will be used for medical imaging and particle therapy. The building contains a number of specialised features including:

  • The ability to move from mains supply to run on a diesel/gas generator supply under a Peak Load Lopping scenario. The system is also integrated with the building management system.
  • Specialised environmental controlled areas where lighting simulates day and night via red tube dimmable lighting.
  • A building façade that contributes to energy efficiency, complementing the Dali day light harvesting sensor system.

View the project fact sheet.
Download the project fact sheet.

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