Electro-technology company operating throughout Australia to deliver installation, maintenance and manufacturing services from inception to replacement.

About Us

Oliver John Nilsen

Oliver John Nilsen

Oliver Victor Alexander Nilsen

Past Chairman
Oliver Victor Alexander Nilsen

Oliver John Nilsen

Past President
Oliver John Nilsen

Oliver Mark Nilsen

Executive Chairman
Oliver Mark Nilsen

Nilsen is a family owned Australian business, founded in 1916.

With over 100 years of continuous service in the electrical industry, Nilsen maintains the traditions on which the company was built: Service, Reliability and Quality.

Nilsen has offices in all mainland Australian capital cities.

Our areas of expertise are:


Communications and Data

Electrical and High Energy Services


Nilsen is the only Australia wide company of its type, with offices located in:

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia


Western Australia

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