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Predictive Maintenance Thermographic & Ultrasonic Scanning (TEGG)

Predictive Maintenance Thermographic & Ultrasonic Scanning TEGG
Who's standing behind your electrical contractor?

Unexpected issues with electrical equipment can be a real headache - but Nilsen has a remedy.

That remedy is TEGG, an equipment tracking methodology developed in 1992 by US-based TEGG Corporation and licensed around the world.

Nilsen is Australia's only TEGG certified contractor, and that's a badge we wear with pride. Our technicians undertake extensive overseas training to keep up with equipment maintenance and testing best practise, and have exclusive access to proprietry TEGGTask software that provides essential auditing and risk management by documenting every aspect of your electrical plant throughout its lifecycle.

TEGG technicians use diagnostic activities including power quality, ultrasonic and thermographic analysis to identify potential problems early. Detailed reports, often running to 150 pages or more, let you know exactly what they've found and what you should do about it.

Because TEGG is the gold standard in equipment maintenance, our work can be fully underwritten by an insurance company that has recognised it's value. That means we're not the only ones standing behind the quality of our work - and that's the TEGG difference.

Only TEGG can provide complete peace of mind - and only Nilsen can offer TEGG.

Case Study

Northbridge Tunnel
Northbridge Tunnel

Nilsen’s Engineering Services team are currently under contract to provide TEGG Electrical Maintenance Contract for the Northbridge Tunnel.

The annual TEGG servicing, inspection and testing ensures the smooth operation of traffic control through the tunnel. Nilsen have also contributed to the effective traffic management plan ensuring minimal disruptions were achieved during the major upgrade works where additional traffic lanes were introduced in the tunnel.

The TEGG servicing includes infrared, thermal imaging and ultrasonics.

The initial 4 year Agreement expired in 2012 and has been renewed for another 4 years.

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