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Customers can now deploy wireless LANs with the same confidence they do wired networks, with the aid of Nilsen’s suite of wireless solutions. Nilsen offers planning, installation, confirmation and ongoing support.

Nilsen’s can also offer assistance and consultation from the Professional Services team of technology experts and partners.

Predictive Surveys

Nilsen’s Wireless team uses the AirMagnet Planner Program to build a detailed model of the required coverage areas. Site plans/drawings are used to simulate performance based on the RF characteristics of the building materials. This allows the correct number, placement and configuration of APs and antennae. Nilsen generates a full report of the wireless environment, including a bill of materials for the infrastructure purchase and configuration.

Analysis and Confirmation survey

After the wireless infrastructure installation Nilsen conducts a Wireless Confirmation Survey. This benchmarks the system and guarantees coverage levels. Nilsen uses the AirMagnet Survey program capturing live RF data during the site survey. The live data collected from the active and passive surveys enables Nilsen to simulate and measure network performance in the most scientific way possible, with an accurate depiction of the RF environment.

Hardware Installation
  • WLAN Controllers
  • Access Points
  • Antennas
  • Point to Point

Case Study

Coles Supermarkets and Liquor business IT refresh program (LCM)
Coles Supermarkets and Liquor business IT refresh program (LCM)

Coles Supermarkets and Liquor business IT refresh program (LCM) upgrade of Access Point hardware products. Installs commenced in June 2014 with the project ending November 2014.

Lead by the Nilsen PMO, the Nilsen Group:

  • Designed wireless predictive surveys;
  • Picked/staged and dispatched 8000+ access points, 500+ switches and 1000+ UPS’s from the Nilsen Integration and Staging Warehouse;
  • Onsite data cabling/hardware installation and commissioning for 700+ supermarket stores nationally

A fantastic example of great team work between Coles and the Nilsen Group, to deliver this enormous project on time and on budget.

View the project fact sheet.
Download the project fact sheet.

Case Study

Officeworks Store Infrastructure & Cabling Upgrade
Officeworks Store Infrastructure & Cabling Upgrade

The replacement of Print Copy Self-Serve Machines required Officeworks to upgrade its IT Infrastructure and data cabling.

The Nilsen Networks PMO worked closely with Officeworks to create and manage the national installation schedule (124 sites) to meet the required deadline with minimal impact to each store. Upgrades commenced in March 2015 with the project ending November 2015.

The Officeworks refresh program included the following:

  • Power and data cabling (Krone Cat6)
  • Communications Cabinet/Rack upgrades
  • CISCO Network Router and Switch (LCM) replacements
  • Wireless Access Point decommission and upgrade

Customer satisfaction was exceeded whilst all stores were completed as planned.

View the project fact sheet.
Download the project fact sheet.

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