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MCG Lighting Tower Upgrade

December 2019
Led lighting tower at Melbourne Cricket Ground

This week new LED lighting installed by Nilsen at the MCG was turned on as part of a series of tests for the ongoing MCG Sports Lighting Upgrade project. This is an iconic project for the venue, due in part to Nilsen’s progressive relationship with the MCC which has spanned over 20 years.

These new tower lights replace the old system of over 600 metal halide lamps, which were first turned on 35 years ago. Previously 30 lamps were replaced each year. In addition to the ongoing upgrade of the lighting towers, Nilsen also replaced the stadium ‘In Ground Lighting’ to provide excellent coverage on the playing surface of the MCG for a total of 950 LED lights. The new LED technology will provide numerous benefits including better viewing experience for fans and a flexible lighting output for dimming or brightening to suit environmental conditions. Drone footage captures the complexity of this project, which at a height of 85 metres is carried out alongside Height Specialists.

This project is one in a long list of projects completed at the venue over the past 20 years. Our wealth of knowledge at the MCG is second to none. Nilsen’s Engineering Services team have been maintaining the electrical systems including Match Day Services since 1999.

It is fitting for Nilsen, one of Victoria’s oldest Electrical companies, to be involved in updating the light towers, an instantly recognisable landmark of not just the MCG but of Melbourne itself. The project is on track for completion in February 2020.

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