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Nilsen win three awards at the 2019 NECA South Australia Excellence Awards

September 2019
Two awards

The NECA South Australia Excellence Awards were held last Friday September 13 at Adelaide Convention Centre. Nilsen were incredibly successful, taking home three wins for all three nominations!

Category 4 – Industrial Medium Project – Cobdogla Pump Station

The Cobdogla Pump Station project involved a complete electrical upgrade for a large pump station located at Cobdogla on the Murray River, 230km from Adelaide. The client, Central Irrigation Trust, through their consultant, KBR, engaged Nilsen (SA) as the Principal Contractor to execute these works..

Cobdogla Pump Station - HR Switchroom

HV Substation complete view 3 x 11kV 1.5kVA transformers and HV Switchroom

The scope included replacing the HV substation, replacing the entire electrical power and control system, replacing 6 x 3.3kV pump motors with LV motors, installation of significant cable support systems and switchroom building upgrades. All of this was completed whilst keeping the pump station operational. The pump station supplies water to irrigators in the Cobdogla/Loveday region and without this supply, local livelihoods are affected.

Cobdogla Pump Station - Interior view of LV switchroom

Interior view of LV Switchroom

There are 6 pumps at this pump station - 3 x 576kW pumps and 3 x 376kW pumps. Adding to the complexity of this project, very onerous power supply quality requirements had to be met. This saw the need for specialist equipment to be installed to ensure power factor, harmonic distortion and instantaneous current surges were kept to specified minimum requirements.

Cobdogla Pump Station - testing

Post-commissioning testing, including thermographic measurements of major components and connections being undertaken by Nilsen Service Technician

Category 2 – Energy Efficiency and Environment and Category 6 – Commercial Small Project – City of Adelaide Off-street Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
car charger

As a ‘smart city’ aiming to be the world’s first carbon neutral city, Adelaide has introduced new technologies to accommodate Electric Vehicles. Nilsen completed the electrical installation of the smart off-street parking systems at four locations in Adelaide CBD, which monitor and match Electric Vehicle Parking space availability to actual demand. Nilsen’s smart energy management of Electric Vehicle Chargers ensures the customers’ reticulation is protected from the increased electrical supply demand stress Electric Vehicles pose. Nilsen were also involved in the design and development of an Australian based PayWave payment system and billing platform utilised on the innovative project.

car charger

The greatest accomplishment for Nilsen on this project was delivering a fully operational system that not only met but exceeded our customers overall expectations. The acute success of the project for the City of Adelaide has seen the city create a new benchmark for other Government business units across Australia who are now investing in Electric Vehicle charger infrastructure.


Peter Nattrass from City of Adelaide (Left) and Damien Fisher, Nilsen (SA) Engineering Services Divisional Manager (Right) with the two awards for the City of Adelaide Off-street Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Project

It was great for the Nilsen team to celebrate their wins, with both customers also attending the night. Both projects showcase a One Nilsen delivery from design, switchboard manufacturing, installation and ongoing service/maintenance.

The Cobdogla Pump Station and the City of Adelaide Off-street Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure projects will now compete at the National NECA Awards in Brisbane in November. Nilsen are now represented in 3 of the 13 categories at the National Awards, with both Cobdogla Pump Station and Ross River Solar Farm vying for the Best Industrial Medium Project.

We wish the Nilsen SA Team the best of luck!

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