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Royal Adelaide Hospital Project

July 2014

Nilsen are undertaking the Electrical and Communication services works on the new Royal Adelaide Hospital Project. The project consists of:

  • Implementation of 11kv high voltage infrastructure. this involves the supply and installation of associated Earthing works, Cable installation, provision of 16 x Transformers, 16 X Ring Main Units and High voltage Main Switchboards.
  • High Voltage 11kv standby generation systems c/w the ability to serve the hospital in disaster mode i.e run for 48hours continuously supporting essential and critical services.
  • Low Voltage cabling networks inclusive of Main Switchboards (16 of) Main Distribution Boards and Distribution boards deployed as Essential, Non-Essential and UPS form part of the main building infrastructure.
  • General Light and power, Medical services panels to service 7000+ rooms form part of the works under scope. This equates to approx.. 50,000 light fittings and as many power outlets.
  • Full DALI integrated Lighting Control system will be installed providing an energy efficient and flexible control system.
  • Uninterruptible Power systems - 4 of – installed for support of 2 x Data Equipment Rooms and critical services site wide.
  • Structured cabling system with full redundant / diverse backbone cabling system servicing 60+ communication rooms. The 60+ communication rooms delivering in the order of 33,000 Category 7A outlets for network purposes.
  • Interfacing with various building engineering services including but not limited to BMS, CO-Generation, Security, AV and ICT services, to name a few, are all being implemented.

Additional works include lightning Protection systems, Master Clock Cabling, Inground services, external power and lighting works, Helipad Lighting Installation. The facility is also being designed and built to withstand potential Earthquake phenomenon bringing added complexity and design consideration to the project.

Works commenced End 2012 and are expected to continue through to Commercial acceptance April 2016. Nilsen workforce assigned to the project is currently in the order of 100 (staff and workers) with expectation to rise to over 200 personnel on site undertaking the Electrical and Communication services scope of works.

You can follow the progress of the project here.

Royal Adelaide Hospital Project
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