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Wayne Peachey Memorial Award Winner 2020

November 2020
Wayne Peachey Outstanding Employee Award Winner 2020

A huge and well deserved congratulations to Senior Technician, Bert Thomas, from the QLD Gladstone branch who was awarded the Wayne Peachey Memorial award on Thursday, 8th October 2020.

The Wayne Peachey Memorial award recognises the achievements of an individual who has demonstrated exceptional quality in service or product. Awarded to an outstanding individual who has demonstrated the attributes of quality, tenacity and perseverance that make them a role model for “quality comes first” in their sector, they continue to be innovative and make a difference under adverse situations and environments.

Brent holds an award beside his partner

Bert has been part of the Nilsen Family operating as Senior Technician in Gladstone for 21 years. Bert demonstrates fierce loyalty, and commitment to excellence. Bert is requested by many heavy industrial clients in the Gladstone region. He is known as an authority in all types of High and Low Energy commissioning. Bert’s knowledge around switchgear repair and maintenance is beyond comparison within the region. Bert is a peer mentor to our Engineering Services technicians with Nilsen QLD. Bert is so regarded in the industry he is often called upon by sites that do not directly engage Nilsen and freely offers advice.

This award emphasises Nilsen’s commitment to the Gladstone Region.

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